The basic points that light up a marriage

Marriage is a dream come true for a man as well as a woman. It gives us a lot to enjoy in life and is here to stay. However, people who are married happily know what it takes actually to make the marriage successful. The couples need to be patient, understanding, transparent and friendly to each other. Respect is another factor that should dwell both in the mind of the partners but before respecting others; you should respect yourself.

Whenever you feel that you are in the problem and need to speak to someone, your partner is there for you. You should learn to respect the decision of your partner as well. Talk out problems with your better half.

An unsuccessful marriage can be frustrating that would lead you to depression. There are times when you need to speak to someone and that someone is not present. That sometimes leads you to take drastic measures. A durable and long lasting relation is always necessary for a marriage to be successful. Marriage is also known to be the building blocks of society. Wedding officiants in Long Island

The two couples must be in love and must understand each other completely to make the marriage successful. If either one feels that he/she is getting suffocated in the relation, this is what slowly initiates marriage to crumble down. Two people need to keep on trying for a good relation. Each person must help the other to express his emotions. If one feels that marriage is draining out energy instead of adding energy to the same, nothing can be more miserable. If you feel that it seems like a burden to you, take a break, and enjoy and then go back feeling happy and contented about the same. You will never be bored.

How to make your marriage enjoyable

Marriage is not a bed of roses. There are always ups and downs in marriage and every day is not sunny especially if you have kids. You need to do a lot of stuff to keep your marriage alive and kicking. Would you like your marriage to be like the first phase of life when you and your partner met each other? These are some of the ways in which you can help your marriage to be enjoyable. Give each other time.

Try out sexy lingerie after your kids are asleep. Put on some music and move your body in a seductive way. The dullness of the whole day would be transformed to happy moments. There are varieties of lingerie’s to try out.

You have to be spontaneous and proactive about your actions. Your man would love to see you in seductive and daring lingerie with laces and transparent material. Men can also surprise their women with the help of a gift that she loves. He can also take her out for a movie, a dance or a dinner at a restaurant. Make some changes in the daily life and both of you would love it.

Try and watch some sexy movie and you two can also move with the feeling of the moment. Reveal your curves carelessly when no one is around. Couples who have the time, as well as the money, can try going out on a honeymoon once again. That is relaxing and refreshing. You can also make your husbands favorite dish and go out for a candle light dinner.Try joining a fitness centre if you feel that you have put on weight and show off your curves. Try adding little spicy moments here and there and you would love your moments of togetherness. Most importantly make sure to do it right the first time and hire a professional Long Island Wedding Officiant. An officiant is an important part of any marriage.. Michele LaRosa is a professional wedding officiant.

Marriage Officiants


First of all let us understand the meaning of Officiant. Officiant is a person who performs religious tasks or ceremony. He officiates ceremonies or tasks like Baptism, Weddings, Name giving, Burial and many other religious services. They get their denomination as Clergy members. Today we will discuss about Marriage Officiants.

Marriage Officiant is a person who officiates the marriage ceremonies. He is also called solemniser who solemnizes the wedding. In earlier years, only men were working as officiants. Women were not allowed as Officiants. But now even women are working as Officiants. They are also called Celebrants.

Officiants are considered as civil officers before whose presence and guidance the act of marriage, commitment or civil reunion gets performed. They make sure that all the legal formalities are taken good care of. They serve as witness of consent of couples who are getting married. They keenly observe the validity of marriage and also guides them the legal filing of papers after the marriage takes place. Every country has marriage officiants and they have certain rules and regulations to be followed and their responsibilities are different in each Jurisdiction. Many officiants are either clergy. Some of the judges also perform the task of officiant by judging and giving the marriage a legal identification in eyes of law. They legalize the marriage ceremonies. Some Human Associations also have their own Marriage officaints who helps to perform the marriages of intended spouses.

Marriage officiants give their services as per their choice. Some officiates only normal weddings while some also performs LGBT weddings or same sex weddings. Some officiates weddings only in church. But there are Officiants who performs or officiates the weddings or marriages on beaches, on boats, underwater, in parks, in air, on hiking trails, in halls, in private homes many other weird places where the couple wants to get solemnize their wedding.


In different countries there are different beliefs and rituals. Here the Officiants make sure that the particular rituals are followed in terms of religion or not. But sometimes it may happen that the couples intended to get married are from different religions, or from different countries. At that time , Officiant personalizes the marriages according to the beliefs and rituals the couples want to follow. Even though the Officiant is not from the similar sect, he can perform the marriage of such couples.

In country like Scotland, Officiants differ from Chaplains. Chaplains are employed by institutions. They give service to people who are related to military, hospital, health care, jails, etc. They have limited people to attend while the Officiants give their service to Public at large. They don’t have limitations. In United States of America, they have their role to be followed by regulations laid by different Jurisdictions. In Australia, Officiants have to perform their role and duty based on local as well as national laws. Every country has their own rules and regulations. Marriage Officiants have to follow these rules and also have to take care of the religious beliefs and rituals and perform and serve the task of getting wedding or marriage solemnized.