ertyjhgfdVitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen, which is an important protein, used to make skin, ligaments and blood vessels. Vitamin C is needed in the body in repairing and maintaining both the bones and the teeth, and healing wounds. Vitamin C contributes to the health of gums and teeth, which prevents hemorrhaging and bleeding of gums. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from the diet and plays an important role in the synthesis of peptide hormones and carnitine. The most important role of vitamin C in the body is its immune stimulating effect. Due to its powerful antioxidant it neutralizes pollutants and toxins in the body. The roles of vitamin C in the body include;

1. Synthesis of collagen

Collagen is an essential part of connective tissue in the body. Connective tissues is the main framework of the body and its needed to keep it together i.e. the skin, teeth and bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments and blood vessels all rely on collagen for them to function properly. Basically if there is lack of vitamin C in one’s, body then that means that there is absence of collagen, and this will literally make the body fall apart.

2. Impacts the immune system

The main role of the immune system in the body is to protect the body from foreign substances and toxins. The immune system needs vitamin C for it to function correctly. Vitamin C involves both the T-cells and the white blood cells which are important in the human body. Vitamin C usually boosts the white blood cells to improve less chances of one from contracting diseases. This happens when there is high consumption of vitamin C. It is important for one to take foods containing plenty of vitamin C. Research shows that taking foods rich in vitamin C can reduce the risk of getting common cold.43r5tyrewe

3. Normal function of the nervous system

Vitamin C in the body contributes to the function of the nervous system. Both the brain and the central nervous system comprise of big amounts of nerve cells. Vitamin C also referred to as ascorbic acids is potential in the body which can prevent, and repair nerve related damages. The nerve cells and vitamin C have the ability to react with radicals directly to prevent oxidative stress. It is very important for one to note that vitamin C is highly important in human body.…

There are many reasons as to why people prefer to buy food online due to many reasonly,i.e time, the cost of food online,to avoid long queues at the restaurants and supermarkets and maybe control their shopping. Since the foods bought online are delivered at one’s door step, this might be advantageous to most of the consumers and buyers. Apart from these factors, there are other factors that one must consider before buying online which are not safe. These factors include;

1. Improper food safety skills

In most cases, the people that are handling the food don’t have their food handlers certificate, never been in school, and no working permit which is actually dangerous to the consumer. Food inspectors admit that since most of the food is being handled at homes and sold over the internet, this will be quiet hard for them to regulate than restaurants and other food vendors. Due to improper training and uncertified personnel’s there are additional risks to the consumer.3456utrte

2. Storing and transportation conditions

Food products especially eggs, sausages, delicacies and cakes do require special handling and transportation. Since the consumer does not receive the product immediately, this is crucial for the product to be fresh on its delivery. This might cause illness and related food borne diseases to the consumer.

3. The food might contain dangerous ingredients

Another disturbing possibility associated with buying food online is that one might not be getting what they paid for in the first place. Research shows that most of the online foods being sold to the consumers contain very dangerous and harmful preservatives and ingredients, and also expired products being sold to unsuspecting consumers. Once this food is consumed it might result to health problems to the consumer. Therefore, online food buying is not safe at all.

4. Dealing with unknown food vendor

4356uytreWhen buying food online, unless you are buying from a well-known vendor, otherwise when you are buying from a vendor that you don’t know anything about, it might be difficult to feel confident that the vendor will still be there in case a problem arises with your order and most important to feel that your personal information is protected. Online security concerns are important when selecting a food vendor, which might be difficult to achieve. Since the vendor is unknown to you, it might be hard for the vendor to know how you like your food to be prepared, what ingredients to use and this might be disappointing to the consumer.…